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Since 2019, the international influence of the MaCI is at the heart of the UGA's international strategy and the development of its partnerships in the humanities and social sciences. MaCI, a specific research infrastructure on campus for the arts, humanities and social sciences, is unique in the country, and is already recognised nationally and internationally as a centre of academic diversity, experimentation, ingenuity and production, with a particular focus on the relationship between art and science.

Among the ambitious initiatives developed by the MaCI and in collaboration with its partners : international events, doctorates and exchanges, joint projects, an artist-in-residence programme that have already attracted internationally renowned professionals.

Recently, UGA has launched the ExcellenceS programme (Grenoble ATtractiveness and ExcellenceS – GATES) which is an ANR funded project. One of the axis is The Excellence in the Humanities Fellowship Programme that supports academic diversity and interdisciplinarity and welcomes international researchers, PhDs, postdoctorals, artists at the MaCI.


GATES Project

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Majdoline BOUGATAYA, Project coordinator (GATES) (humanitiesfellowships[at]univ-grenoble-alpes[dot]fr)


Submitted on 13 September 2023

Updated on 29 January 2024