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The GATES Project

​The GATES project (Grenoble ATtractiveness and ExcellenceS) is an initiative launched within the framework of the France 2030 plan through the 4th Future Investments Programme. It aims to increase the visibility and attractiveness of the UGA. By leveraging its links with the major research and teaching facilities on Grenoble, the UGA has obtained €27.6m in funding from the ANR (National Research Agency), the France 2030 operator, to set up this international-scale project. The project is structured around three main axes:

  • Developing the attractiveness of the humanities and social sciences

  • Create an attractive undergraduate study programme

  • Enhance the international attractiveness of the UGA in terms of research through the MaCI to implement the « Excellence in the Humanities programme »

This programme, specifically focused on humanities and social sciences, aims to establish a multigenerational community of researchers with international influence in the fields of arts, humanities, and social sciences within the MaCI, which is to be a centre for the humanities.


The project proposes 2 hosting programmes and also finances 1 outgoing mobility programme.


Matching PhDs

The GATES/MaCI project plans to fund 8 matching PhDs over a period of 10 years, supplemented by an environmental budget for each thesis. This budget is intended to finance collaborations with international partners involved in the doctoral project (such as travels, seminars, meetings between doctoral candidates/thesis directors, etc.).

The funding proposals for these matching theses must be submitted by project leaders applying for the IRGA (Research Initiatives in Grenoble Alpes) call for projects through the "Grand Instruments/MaCI" programme. The theses will largely take place at the MaCI and will be supervised by staff from a UGA research unit. The collaboration is open to all new partners in the humanities and social sciences, thereby encouraging the development of international partnerships in this field within the MaCI.

Call for Projects IRGA 2024



The programme is open to researchers of all nationalities who wish to undertake a research project in Humanities and Social Sciences. Two categories of fellowships are offered:

Post-doctoral fellowships - Two-year post-doctoral contracts (3 per year) designed to host young researchers with a Ph.D. whose academic background is international. These researchers are expected to develop original and innovative research in humanities and social sciences. Selected candidates will be recruited at the MaCI to develop their projects and initiatives.

Discover the projects of the 2023 laureates

Junior and Senior Research Fellowships - Invited researchers  (6 per year) will allow researchers . (Junior, Senior, or Distinguished) holding a Ph.D or renowned artists to receive funding (stipend) for a residence at the MaCI for a period from 1 to 12 months between January 2024 and January 2025. These researchers, specialized in humanities and social sciences, must be affiliated to an "international" institution.


Three categories of Fellowships :

The MaCI will support every year three levels of research fellowships:

  • Exceptional scholarship: international specialists in the field
  • Senior research fellows: advanced researchers
  • Junior research fellows: exploratory, early career researchers (doctorate awarded less than 10 years ago)

To apply for our Post-doctoral and Junior and Senior Research Fellowships:

Calls for applications - GATES


Outgoing mobility - Partnership between UGA and the Maison Française d’Oxford (MFO)

Achieved in October 2022, the partnership with the Maison Française d'Oxford enables doctoral candidates in humanities and social sciences to undertake a stay of 2 weeks to 60 days as part of their research, funded by the GATES project.

The funding includes:

  •  Travel expenses up to €150 for the round trip Grenoble-Oxford.
  •  Stay expenses up to €100/day.

To learn more about the projects of the 6 doctoral candidates who went on mobility in 2023


Matching PhDs:

  • Applications: from 16 October 2023 to 16 November 2023
  • Start of thesis: between September and December 2024

Post-doctoral fellowships:

  • Applications: from March 2024 to May 2024 (to be determined)
  • Start of the post-doc: between September and December 2024

Junior/Senior Research fellowships:

  • Applications: from March 2024 to September 2024 (to be determined)
  • Eligible period of fellowship: between January 2025 and January 2026

UGA/MFO outgoing mobility:

  • Applications: from 10 October 2023 to 10 December 2023
  • Eligible period of fellowship: between 1st March 2024 and 31 December 2024

Funded by the French government's Programme d'Investissement Avenir and implemented by ANR France 2030

CONTACTS: (humanitiesfellowships[at]univ-grenoble-alpes[dot]fr)

Submitted on 20 October 2023

Updated on 13 March 2024