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MaCI is governed by various committees :


It ensures the smooth running of the MaCI and approves and reports to the extended UGA Executive Board on :

  • the programme of activities proposed by the Director
  • the general plan for the use of resources in line with MaCI's missions
  • the creation, development and removal of platforms and other specific areas
  • the draft budget proposed by the Director and its implementation
  • the activity report drawn up by the Director

It defines, supports and validates :

  • the joint action plan to be implemented by the Director
  • how space and offices are allocated
  • the report on MaCI's activities, based on the activity reports of the hosted entities, before transmission to the CoPil (Steering Committee)
  • the annual communication plan
  • MaCI's draft budget and its amendments


It ensures that it is in a position to :

  • be a forum for discussion between the technical support units of the hosted entities, and enable the sharing of experience, resources and the technology watch dog
  • make proposals for equipment upgrades, including IT and audiovisual upgrades
  • report problems to the Executive Committee and offer solutions



Submitted on 12 September 2023

Updated on 25 September 2023