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Calls for applications - GATES

International Excellence in the Humanities

Post-doctoral fellowships 2024 - 2026

Closing date : May 10, 2024


Junior and Senior Research Fellowships 2025

Closing date : June, 10, 2024


MaCI - Maison Française d’Oxford (Doctoral mobilities)

Appel à candidatures 2024 - Closed

Appel à projets "Initiatives de recherche à Grenoble Alpes" (IRGA) 2024

Appel à candidatures 2024 - Closed

Results (to be published in April 2024)

To stay informed about the opening of our upcoming calls for applications, please send an email to to be added to our mailing list.

Funded by the French government's Programme d'Investissement Avenir and implemented  by ANR France 2030

Submitted on 13 September 2023

Updated on 10 April 2024