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Decoding european history through guns: Methodologies and research approaches

Study day

From 4 June 2024 to 5 June 2024

Workshop  4-5 juin 2024 MaCI Andrea AZZARELLI

Andrea Azzarelli, post-doc Fellow at the MaCI, will lead a workshop dedicated to the history of firearms.

What are firearms? How did they impact on the history of European societies? What are the more promising research approaches for studying them?

Firearms hold profound implications for European societies, influencing international relations, the diffusion of violence, and State sovereignty. This workshop will convene researchers examining themes such as the relationship between European States and guns, global efforts to regulate arms markets, the role of firearms in changing the societal perception of violence, and the semantic nuances defining these instruments. Through exploration of diverse research methodologies, the workshop aims to highlight the significance of firearms as both a subject of scholarly inquiry and a lens for examining critical aspects of contemporary history, shedding new light on the European past – one trigger pull at a time.

Workshop in english, face-to-face.



From 4 June 2024 to 5 June 2024


Complément lieu

Maison de la Création et de l'Innovation
Arrêt tram : Gabriel Fauré-MUSE


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Contact (andrea[dot]azzarelli[at]univ-grenoble-alpes[dot]fr)

Submitted on 7 May 2024

Updated on 7 May 2024